What if we could make education delightful through gaming ? Imagine how cool would PUBG be for education ? πŸ˜Š

Isn't an open world game for education cool  ? πŸ˜„


Well, you could also imbibe this swag, contact us πŸ˜„

Be smart, save your kidneys !

Frequently asked questions

What is Clarila ?

Our mission is to make learning delightful for the entire 260 million students in India through open world gaming which gives the students an enhanced experience of subject content and makes them hooked on to the classroom Clarila solves the widespread issue of focus and participation in the classroom, by reintroducing the subject content in a gaming format(imagine gaming for education), making the entire learning process from end-to-end a delightful process that's engaging ! It enhances student experience and brings life to the classroom by making it an interactive and fun place to be in

What problem are you trying to solve ?

In the covid crisis, it's becoming tough for all schools to make students focus in the classrooms, and students lack that participation and personalization in the classroom. This leads to poor interest, low grades, a hatred towards education and a bad career. The problem is faced by schools as well since they are stranded without any tools or help and are trying their best but are facing this issue. Parents have started to criticize schools and even premier institutions are being criticized by parents as they have moved online. If schools do not offer any innovative learning solutions in the near future, a massive education crisis is predicted by education research analysts.

What is Clarila's ultimate aim ?

At Clarila, our mission is to make learning the most delightful experience ever 😊 And for every single human being by the way, and aliens as well, if they come here😁.

How do I contact your company ?

Contact us directly on ceo[at]clarila[dot]com




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